What is Under Vehicle Surveillance System? How Does it Works? Advantages of UVSS

    Under Vehicle Surveillance System is hugely important for your Office or premises if its worth security. Due to uprising security threats around the globe, Under Vehicle Surveillance System has become the need of the hour.  UVSS is an ideal solution for government, corporate, offices, military, and transportation facilities—wherever complete vehicle monitoring is required. So if you are curious to know What is Under Vehicle Surveillance System? How does it work? And Which is the best company to provide the best Under Vehicle Surveillance System in Dubai? So check out this post

    What is Under Vehicle Surveillance System?

    An Under Vehicle Inspection is basically consists of imaging systems mounted on a roadway and used at facility access points, particularly at secure facilities. UVSS systems are crucial nowadays as terrorist attacks have become common. So having an Under Vehicle Surveillance System embedded safeguards your property. The cameras in this device ably scan the underneath of a vehicle and process the clear images to security personnel over a computer screen. The UVSS system can be permanently fixed to the road or it could be temporarily that entirely depends upon your requirement.

    How does Under Vehicle Surveillance System Works?

    As the vehicle arrives at the checkpoint and drives over the imaging unit, the cameras embedded in the UVSS system captures the images and send them over to the control room where security personnel can see them on the monitor. It is an effective way to protect your premises against any sort of security threats. The under-vehicle surveillance system stores the images of vehicles under carriage for later use. Off late, UVSS system has integrated the License plate recognition software with it that can help in identifying stolen or suspect vehicles and help security personnel to properly monitor the undercarriage of a suspected vehicle.UVSS comprises high-quality cameras for under carriage scan of vehicles,  and video, a megapixel camera for driver images, and a high-resolution camera for number plate recognition with redundant server configuration as an option. The UVSS database helps in storing all the images and videos of under vehicle inspection and security personnel can later use it for security purposes.

    What are the benefits of the Under Vehicle Surveillance System?

    Since you have already discovered what is UVSS and how does it work? So you will be wondering what are the benefits of Under Vehicle Surveillance System? Here we are sharing with you a few of the advantages of having UVSS on your premises.

    1) UVSS helps security personnel efficiently monitor every vehicle entering the premises to eliminate all the possible security threats. UVSS has been designed in a way to help corporate and government agencies get rid of all safety problems.
    2) UVSS systems are comparatively cheaper than other methods of protecting your premises. 
    3) UVSS system produces high-quality images and videos that help security personnel identify any security threats.
    4)  Flexible Deployment: One of the reasons, why people fear investing in security systems for their organizations is that they become obsolete after a few years. However, it is not the case with UVSS system. Our UVSS systems are flexible and you can conveniently update them whenever there are some updations in the system, You can either install them permanently on your premises or temporarily. So the flexible deployment is one of the great features of our UVSS system.
    5) Unlike other security equipment, UVSS is active 24*7 on your premise and protects it. In today's time, you can't afford the risk of system outage because it could cost you severely. Therefore, our UVSS systems are designed to work under extreme weather conditions. 

    Which is the best Under Vehicle Surveillance System Providers in Dubai?

    We are considered to be the best UVSS company in Dubai. Our nder Vehicle Surveillance Systems can be Permanent or Portable based on your requirement. We have more than a decade of experience Security and Surveillance field, so you can rely on us . Our UVSS systems are environmentally friendly & adhere to strict quality control. Contact us Today to get free quote



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