Time & Attendance Management System for Large Enterprises

TIS provides Time and Attendance Systems and Time Tracking for small, medium, and large organizations. TIS offers its clients complete solutions featuring time and attendance software and various types of readers from barcode to RFID and biometric (fingerprint, iris, etc…) which will help them eliminate time fraud and reduce payroll costs. Our attendance system will allow you to capture the attendance & time of all your employees in real time & it can sort out all the management issues.

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Benefits of Time & Attendance System

  1. It provides a centralized time & attendance management system of multiple locations
  2. It provides the real time monitoring 
  3. It works effectively for managing the multiple shifts 
  4. It gives an instant notifications for exceptions
  5. It effectively schedule reports for your convenience
  6. Saves Time & Money
  7. It generates customized reports for your next action