Advanced Video Analytics Solution in UAE

TIS provides innovative video analytics solutions that take CCTV surveillance deployments to a whole new dimension. Regardless of how many cameras are installed at a premise and no matter what video management solution is in place, TIS can provide an add-on analytics engine that could analyze CCTV live video and even archived footage to generate events and alarms based on human behavior. With TIS video analytics a customer’s security team can now benefit from the aid of superior computer power to automatically detect malicious human behavior, loitering, abandoned bags in a crowd, illegal parking, human crowd formation, human counting even in crowded areas, intrusion detection, vandalism, as well face detection, recognition, and comparison against blacklists.

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Key Features of Advanced Video Analytics

  1. Video Motion Detection: It effectively detects motion, filtering out lighting changes and tree or animal movements to give you a clear picture.
  2. Loitering: Our Advanced Video Analytics will help you in detecting when a person/ employee has been in a specified area for more than a specified time. It will ensure your premises safety.
  3. Wrong Direction: It will also detect when a person crosses line in the wrong direction.
  4. Camera Tamper/Fault Detection: It will instantly detect if someone try to tamper with the camera by partially or completely blocking its field of view.
  5. Intrusion Detection: It protects any sort of Intrusion in your premises & secure area protection.
  6. Person Running: It can detect if a person is running
  7. Line Crossing: It easily detects moving objects that pass near it.
  8. Object Removal: It identifies when an object has been removed from the scene.