What is key management system? Top 4 Benefits of Electronic Key Management System

    Key Management Systems is a severe headache for companies. It becomes hugely tedious to manage a plethora of keys in an organization. Key management forms the basis of all data security. Data is encrypted & decrypted via the use of encryption keys that means the loss of encryption keys can cost a huge data loss that can be recovered. Keys do not ensure the physical security of your organization but it plays a vital role in ensuring data security online. It helps in the safe transmission of data across an internet connection. Keys provide compliance with certain standards and regulations to ensure companies are using best practices when protecting cryptographic keys.

    What are the different types of Keys?

    There are primarily two types of keys symmetric and asymmetric keys. Symmetric keys deal with static data and uses the same keys for encryption and decryption. Once the authorized user tries to access the data, the information is decrypted with the same key and made accessible to the user. On the other hand, encryption using asymmetric keys is a bit complicated than the symmetric method. In asymmetric, two different keys public and private are being used to encrypt & decrypt the data. These two keys are created as a pair to use together. The public key of a pair of asymmetric keys is mainly used to encrypt data. One can share it with anyone as it uses to encrypt the data. The private key is being used to decrypt the data so you need to protect this key because it is important. Asymmetric keys focus on data in motion. Data-in motion is sent over a public or private network and it uses both symmetric and asymmetric keys to encrypt the data.

    Why Key Management System is Important?

    Have you ever wondered why a key management system is important? A poor key management system will cost productivity, Financial loss, and time. It risks the security of your most valuable assets and it could be mean lose access to:

    1) Fleets
    2) Materials
    3) Staff
    4) Facilities

    So it is important to efficiently manage keys in your organization to secure your data, valuable assets in your organization and also improve productivity.

    Benefits of Key Management System in Your Organization:

    Lower Costs: A proper key management system can lower the risk of managing keys in your organization. A lot of time we have seen if a company mismanages their keys so a lot of time in the organizations goes into finding and replacing the keys. But having an effective key management system in the organization can improve productivity and lower the cost as it does not require replacement. 

    Risk Management: If you have a good key management system in your organization so you can easily manage risk management in your organization that will save time & money in your organization.

    Separation of Duties: A proper key management system efficiently defines permissions for the key administrators, as well as the key consumers. For example a key management system administrator has right to allocate encryption and decryption keys in the organization. 

    Save Money: An efficient key management system will save a lot of money & productivity in your organization. The common problem that we have seen an organization facing is poor management of keys that enhances their cost of managing it. So if you are managing a company, then give proper time & resources to ensure a perfect key management system in your organization.


    Why Choose Us for Key Management System in UAE ?

    TIS offers its clients intelligent and electronic Key Management Systems to restrict who can access their keys, enabling them to fully control, monitor and record the use of keys for any physical asset, including buildings, facilities, equipment and vehicles. Key Management Systems are easy to use and effective, providing a fully audited history of all conventional key transactions. We are considered to be the best key management solutions provider for large enterprises. Get a Free Quote




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