Top Benefits of Bulletproof Vest & Headgear for Security Personnels

    Bulletproof vest is a kind of body armour that protects the person from unwanted force or impact from the outside. As the name signifies, it is primarily used to protect the wearer from bullets or explosions at the torso level.

    Bulletproof vests are also called bullet resistant vests or ballistic vests. You must have seen security personnel roam here and there with these jackets in the time of criminal activities. Because as we all know, human life is so valuable. In order to protect security staff, the government or some authorised department provides bulletproof vests to the security personnel.

    In a nutshell, this vest is worn by police officials, security guards, private VIP citizens, etc.


    Those who work as prison guards wear soft kind of vests and those work as hostage rescue teams or in terrorist squads or in bomb squads, they put a hard kind of armour on their torso.


    Advantages of Bulletproof vests:


    First and foremost benefit of a bulletproof vest is it acts as an anchor sheet for the wearer. Not only does it provide protection to VIPs but also it gives a sense of relief to the famous celebrities when some bodyguards escort them with tight security and protection. Hence it is beneficial for security personnel and for the safety of well-known VIPs.

    Covert Styles: 

    Some vests come in various sizes and styles. They are designed very meticulously and as per body shapes. They are put underneath clothing and a person can remain discreet and secretive. Some vests are considered as hard armour but some are so flexible for movement and breathability. 

    Hiding Properties:

    These vests are used as storage for ammunition and arms. These features help the wearer to protect it from unwanted threats like stabs, pellets, bullets, explosions,etc. Stab and spike proof vests are generally common among security personnel.

    Have a quick sneak peak about Bulletproof Helmets:

    Also called Ballistic helmets which give protection to the head areas of the wearer. Bullets, fast moving projectiles, and shrapnel are the main weapons which can be menacing for the human body, especially its top organ. 

    Keep in mind that not all bulletproof helmets are impenetrable in nature, so be careful while wearing them otherwise there would be a huge loss.


    Features of Bulletproof Helmets:


    Proper padding is used in the helmets to protect the head of the wearer. Padding makes the helmets more durable, flexible and easy to wear. 


    Have you ever wondered that moisture absorbing material is used in the bulletproof helmets? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As long as you keep on wearing these helmets, you will get to know that effective material is also used to stop bacteria production.

    Comfort & Protection:

    Reinforced comfort and protection are the main advantages of bulletproof helmets. Velcro attachments are used for the end users and the wearers. Some security agencies prefer high quality helmets for their personnel.

    Conclusion: You may have heard about the snipers and their sharp targets. If a sniper is so careful then no jacket or helmet can protect you. In case of short distance explosions, these armours are helpful to protect from deep wounds. 


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