CCTV cameras have become the need of the hour. The Uprising security issues in offices have escalated the demand of CCTV surveillance. However, due to privacy issues, there is always a debate going on over the use of security cameras in offices, but it has become the necessity of employers to ensure the safety of their business and employees who are working for them. CCTV surveillance has significantly help businesses to improve their productivity and safety in the recent years.  Whether your business consists of commercial properties such as office buildings or retail outlets, a careful consideration of integrated and expansive security solutions is a must. Cameras equipped with CCTVs are not only easy to maintain and conspicuous in their absence from the public eye but are also much more cost-effective than many other security solutions. So if you are curious to know why companies should invest in CCTV Cameras or video surveillance? 

    Prevent & Reduce the Chances of Theft: According to a survey on an average retail businesses lost 50k dollar due to burglaries and theft. By installing CCTV cameras near to the most sensitive areas, you could avoid any suspicious activities and stealing. 

    Real-time Video Surveillance: One of the main benefits of video surveillance is that you can check the real time footage and monitor it at all times. Earlier you needed to hire a person to keep an eye on CCTV cameras. However, nowadays, with the advancement of technology, it is possible to monitor these footage from a remote location on your mobile phone or laptop. 

    Useful Criminal Evidence: CCTV cameras are helping police & investigative agencies in a big way. If a crime is committed near your office premises or within the office so the availability of CCTV cameras help in catching the culprit. Several times, Judges use CCTV cameras monitoring to convict a preparatators. Presence of CCTVs in your premise is therefore not only beneficial for your employees and your property, but also for the community.

    Better Employee Productivity: It has been seen that employees being productivity when they get to know that they are being monitored. Thus, if you have a retail, factory, or any other business, then you should opt for CCTV installation as it will help you to monitor your employees activities and help in enhancing productivity. 

    Put a Stop to Sexual Harassment: Sexual harrasment is a huge concern in developed and developing countries. As per a media report, the Employment Commission received almost 7,500 complaints in the US alone, resulting in a payout of almost $43 million in favor of the plaintiffs. Therefore, installing CCTV cameras to your premises provide a safer environment for women but it also instill fear in the mind of those who want to harass women. CCTV camera reports also ensure the culprit.

    Resolve Internal Business Disputes

    No matter the scale of your business or the office space you cover, disputes are bound to occur. These disputes could be between employees and managers, between employees and you, or even to the employees themselves. Usually, in such cases, you will need to figure out exactly what went wrong before things get out of hand. A surveillance camera can provide ample proof in such cases to solve the incident by providing a fair resolution.

    Cut Down Security Cost: As compared to the Traditional security methods, CCTV surveillance in business reduces the cost because it requires less manpower. Placing CCTV cameras throughout your premises will run costs which are much cheaper than hiring round the clock security officers for strategic locations.

    Which is the best Video Surveillance Company in Dubai?

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